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We created a business that empowers people to live well personally, professionally and financially through a collaborative, advice driven, and forward-thinking process. We are a behavioral driven financial planning team which integrates a connection to overall wellness to help our clients transition from thinking they are well planned, to knowing they are in the best position to succeed. Our team is driven by the following core values:

- Integrity

- Life/Work Balance

- Growth Mindset

- Difference Maker in Our Communities

We have developed a process to reduce complex situations into simple solutions to help you achieve more satisfying results.  No matter where you are in your journey, our primary goal is to educate, organize and prepare you to live well. We appreciate the opportunity to be an integral part of your journey.

We offer an approach that is unlike the average financial planner

We offer an approach that is unlike the average financial planner

Our financial planning process is designed for clients who value a holistic approach at their life. During this process you will engage in the traditional components of a financial plan including goal setting, decision making and saving and investing behavior. Additionally, we create a process that encourages the development of scenarios and allows one to see the impact of key decisions and how they will play out many years into the future. This process is designed around improving results and always being mindful of ways to ensure one is financially, physically and mentally healthy.

The client who benefits most is excited and driven by transforming from thinking to knowing while improving decision making through a collaborative approach. If this sound like you, schedule a time to learn more.

Client eMoney Dashboard

Client eMoney Dashboard

eMoney is our financial planning dashboard to bring client conversations to life with interactive and collaborative financial engagement and utilization.  Key features include your own client portal, financial account aggregation, spending & budgeting tools, Mobile access, and a personal storage vault for secure uploading of financial documents for you to share with us or keep private. 

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