Collaborative Approach

What "Living Well" Means to us 

While each member of The Living Well Team may have different contours, we all invest a lot in our relationships outside of work. Our friends and family, volunteer work, and strong interests in activities and hobbies bring us great joy and satisfaction.  We also strongly believe that it is important to invest in ourselves to what promotes a strong physical, psychological, and spiritual core personally.  We know it’s vital to nurture and sustain these parts of lives as they’re foundational in many respects as to who we are as people.

We aspire to a strong ethic to serve our clients first and foremost to what’s important to them.   This means that we invest a lot into maintaining our education level to be strategically up to date with changing planning guidance,  and we continue to work toward building a team that supports all of our client work.  The investment never stops as we are mindful that energy in is energy out with better outcomes for our clients, our team, and the greater good of The Living Well Team.  Additionally, we balance our commitment to our clients and our work life with our personal life making sure that we take the time to recharge our batteries on a regular basis, allowing us to be fully “present” in our work with our clients--it’s not enough to solely be “in the room."

Financially, we know and strive to offer guidance to our clients to help them achieve their primary financial goals.  But the objective here is to balance living for today with planning for the tomorrows; to come with enough optimism that your plans will come to fruition…..and enough reality to build in contingencies should there be unexpected challenges. 

In our eyes, Living Well is about far more than just finances. Living Well is about recognizing balance in your life and sustaining it so that we can help our clients live their best lives, the lives they truly want for themselves.  We do this by investing our time, energy and treasure into all that is important to our clients, our team, and ourselves.   

Stuart Armstrong II, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®

Financial Planner



Since 1986, individuals, families and small business owners have chosen Stuart as their advisor because he is able to help them chart their course to financial independence with patience, integrity and wisdom. Stuart has created a...

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Gregory J. McLaughlin, MS, CFP®, BFA™, AIF®

Financial Planner

(781) 446-5016

(781) 446-5050

Greg's practice provides a range of financial planning, investment and insurance solutions for individuals, families, executives, and small businesses. Greg and his team strive to stay on the cutting edge of...

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Shaun O'Hare

Financial Planning Associate


Every financial plan starts by developing a deep understanding of a client’s goals and objectives, and as a Financial Planning Associate, Shaun enjoys building personal connections with clients in order to have a positive impact...
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Ragnhild Berghall

Sr. Client Services Associate

(781) 446-5013

(781) 446-5050

As Operations Assistant, Ragnhild supports the team by helping to facilitate the client experience model through ongoing service, communications, and the coordination of planning and review meetings. Prior to joining Centinel Financial...

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Client Centered

Client Centered

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