"The art is not making the money but keeping it." - Proverb

For most people, you were given a piggy bank at a very young age and it was instilled in you to get into the habit of saving money. While we acknowledge that the “greatest generation” may have been the best at this, it is still something that many parents instill in their children today. Thus, most of us are taught to establish the habit of saving from the age of 2 or 3 until the year of retirement. Then all of a sudden, when you make the decision to retire you are told to begin taking an income from that money you have spent a lifetime accumulating.

We focus on this psychological shift and have crafted a unique planning process to assist you as you prepare for this transition. What this means to you is that you will have the opportunity to look at your financial picture through a 360 degree lens while balancing two very important components; emotions and finances. We help you balance these two elements by incorporating core behavioral financial planning concepts with a values based decision making process. The real benefit is the confidence and you will feel resulting from having developed a personalized plan focused entirely on your long-term security and what is most important to you.