<p>Meet Paige and Craig</p>

Meet Paige and Craig

A tech-savvy couple, both 37 years old, and raising a young daughter. Paige, known for her career mobility, has switched companies every few years. On the other hand, Craig has remained loyal to his current employer since his college days. Despite their professional success, they find themselves managing multiple investment accounts across various firms, alongside holding excess cash in bank accounts with minimal interest earnings.

<p>Paige and Craig Top questions:</p>

Paige and Craig Top questions:

- What's the optimal amount to save for our child's education, considering our lifestyle?
- Are we on track with our retirement savings as a couple?
- Are our investments aligned with our financial goals, or is there room for improvement?
- How can we maximize the benefits of our stock options?
- Is there a strategy to minimize our tax burden?

<p>What Paige &#38; Craig need:</p>

What Paige & Craig need:

- Conduct a comprehensive assessment of all investments and provide guidance on optimizing asset allocation.
- Streamline Paige's previous employer retirement accounts to simplify their personal financial overview.
- Establish a well-suited emergency fund and devise a plan to make productive use of their surplus cash.
- Formulate a strategy for maximizing the potential of Craig's work-related stock options.
- Initiate savings for their daughter's education, outlining a reasonable starting point for her journey into young adulthood.
- Review disability and life insurance coverage to ensure adequacy for their current needs.
- Explore tax planning strategies to minimize their overall tax liability.

<p>Paige &#38; Craig's solution: <strong>Our Essentials Package</strong></p>

Paige & Craig's solution: Our Essentials Package

- Engage in a series of at least 4 meetings spanning 6 to 12 months.
- Gain exclusive access to a personalized Financial Planning dashboard tailored to your needs.
- Receive a comprehensive Observations and Recommendations - - - Deliverable, featuring commentary on your distinctive circumstances and a breakdown of each aspect of your Financial Plan.
- Obtain a concise 1-to-2-page Action Plan highlighting your strengths and potential opportunities.
- Access customized reports, projections, and relevant educational materials.

Starting at $2,500

Pricing is adjusted based on the complexity of your financial situation.

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